Please insure you are reviewing the correct refund policy based on the program you are inquiring on.

(we have more than 1 product, and not all of our refund polices will be the same)

At Custom Creatives, GSD, Real Estate Rainmaker, we stand behind the ability of our courses to get you results when you spend the time studying and implementing what you learn.

As our student, when you enroll in one of our premium courses, you get a “14 Day Guarantee.” To put it simply: The guarantee states that if you enroll in this course, watch all the videos, do all of the work, and still don’t see results within the fourteen days (14 days), we will provide a full refund.

Here’s what you need to do to be eligible for the guarantee:

1. Spend at least an hour per day implementing what you learn (e.g. creating content, marketing, or products for your business) - There is no way around the work. You have to build a habit of taking action every day with what you learn in our courses. That’s what will make you successful. You might miss a day here and there, but if you don’t put in the work for days at a time, you won’t see the results and won’t be eligible for the guarantee.

2. Complete the course in its entirety - When you ask for a refund, we are also going to make sure that you have completed the course and the assignments. (As a general rule, it should take you at least 5 days to go through the entire course.) If you haven’t completed the course or the assignments, then you won’t be eligible for the guarantee.

3. Email us within the first 14 days- If, after completing the course, doing the coursework, and putting in at least 1 hours each day implementing the lessons, you still don’t see improved results or find our course valuable, email us within the first 5 days from your enroll date and we will immediately provide a full refund.

Here’s how our guarantee DOES NOT apply:

1. You enroll, never complete the course, and email us within (14 days) asking for a refund.

2. You enroll, do none of the assignments, and email us asking for a refund.

3. You enroll, watch some of the videos, decide it is too hard, and quit.

Payment Cancellation Policy

A Purchaser who enrolls may not cancel the contract under any circumstances outside the “14 Day Guarantee” period. Upon enrollment, the Purchaser will be responsible for the balance of sale owing and must pay all further installments as agreed and on time. Should Purchaser fail to make any payment as and when due, we reserve all our rights against Purchaser for failure to make installment payments on time, including, but not limited to, mandating a collection agency or attorney to obtain payment from Purchaser, which may adversely affect the Purchaser’s credit rating. Purchaser must reimburse us for all reasonable fees (including legal and collection agency fees) incurred in collecting the balance of sale and is not eligible for the “14 Day Guarantee.”

Course Swapping / Exchange

All course purchases are final, and a Purchaser may not exchange courses under any circumstances. Purchasers must comply with refund conditions as stated in 14 Day Guarantee and purchase a new course in order to effectively "switch" their courses.

Refund Policy

All payments are final. No refunds are given for any reason unless you have in writing a refund guarantee based on your purchase and qualify based on the criteria given on this page. You are not entitled to a refund or chargeback for any reason. All payments made to Custom Creatives (SMS, Inc.) or any of its’ entities pursuant to this Agreement are final and are not refundable for any reason. You agree that deposits are considered non-refundable, and that you will not request a refund or chargeback on the deposit that was put down. YOU agree to not request, advise, file a claim, or seek a bank or credit card company for a chargeback for consideration paid under this Agreement. You agree to waive any rights you may have under applicable state and federal truth in lending laws or otherwise (including, but not limited to, under credit card issuer’s procedures for resolving such disputes). You agree that any disputes that you may have with respect to consideration paid hereunder must be addressed directly between you and SMS. If a chargeback occurs, you shall have materially breached the Agreement and shall forfeit all remaining services that have not yet been performed under the Agreement. SMS shall have no further obligation to you. Further, SMS shall be entitled to recover from you all damages, and reasonable and necessary attorneys’ fees, and costs associated with pursuing collection and/or recovery of the amount of the chargeback. If you have an issue with your purchase or our services, please contact us directly and we will do our best to resolve the issue promptly. By agreeing to this policy, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

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